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 Did you know?

REALTOR® PARTY CHAMPIONS are chosen by your local government affairs committee and recommended to the State RPAC committee. Each candidate is asked to complete a profile that covers basic information so that the time allotted for an interview is focused on our issues, not theirs. The committee then rate each candidate based on the quality of their interview and how their responses align with our public policy positions.



Often the best REALTOR® Champions are REALTORS® themselves

                                           CANDIDATE TRAINING ACADEMY                                            November 2017

That’s the idea behind the Candidate Training Academy. It gives REALTORS® interested in running for political office an introduction to and expectation of how to run for elected office.  It is intended to give candidates a valuable head start in their political journeys and information on how to run successful campaigns.

Contact  Veronica 859-547-1354 to Sign up 


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