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Time to focus on Affordable Housing

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Some Members of Congress are considering budget reconciliation legislation that could limit private-sector investment in real estate construction by raising taxes. Now is not the time to be taxing investments that can help put a dent in our country’s housing shortage and even create good-paying jobs.

Right now, the average American household simply cannot afford to own a home due to a chronic shortage of around 6 million housing units. This also impacts renters across the country.

We must no longer turn a blind eye on our country’s housing shortage. Sign the petition calling on Congress to focus on affordable housing.

Now is not the time to tax private-sector investments in real estate. The Administration’s announced efforts to provide more affordable housing at this critical time offer a ray of hope for millions who earnestly desire to find the pathway to homeownership or who are simply desperate for adequate places to live at a price they can afford. It would be a tragedy if the efforts to move the nation in a positive direction toward affordable housing production were unwittingly negated by tax offsets that end up harming the ability to do just that.